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Returning To The Office

Posted on Wed, Oct 6th, 2021

More than 19 months ago Covid forced a very large chunk of the workforce to quickly adapt to working from home.
For some, it was a smooth transition, for others - more challenging.

Now, we are all faced with the prospect of  having to return to the office, for some that is 2 days a week and others full time with many of us may be feeling apprehensive about the big return.

As offices and managers prepare to welcome staff back, there are a lot of things to consider and it is not a surprise that office managers are offering different packages and being more flexible to staff where they can work from both home and in the office, some are even adapting a Hybrid working model.

Even so, for some people, returning to the daily commute will raise anxiety levels, mixing in large or even small crowds on the train, Luas or bus or even going to the local coffee shop where there are more people out and about than what we have been used to.

With this in mind, Optimum has been offering various packages for companies to offer to staff where they are uncomfortable using public transport, all you need to do is contact our reservations staff at to discuss packages and rates.