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Why Choose Ireland For Your Event?

Posted on Fri, Aug 6th, 2021

Why choose Ireland for your event? 

Ireland contains a wealth of experiences, just waiting to be discovered by delegates. The Wild Atlantic Way is a coastal trail that neatly packages stunning scenery, exciting activities and local operators and beckons to those looking for adventure

In 2016, Dublin was voted the world’s third friendliest city on earth by Condé Nast Traveller, with Galway coming in at number six. Voters cited friendly locals, live music and charming vibes as some of the most impressive qualities and it’s all true: Irish people are warm, welcoming, and never afraid to share a witty story or joke. Ireland is frequently named one of the world’s friendliest countries in the world.

Ireland has a long history as a haven for creativity and innovation, and what began centuries ago with scholars and writers continues today with a vibrant arts scene and world-famous tech community. Many of the largest global tech and pharma innovators are based here, and Dublin’s Tech Quarter has been transformed with the development of great places to eat and socialise. Delegates from around the world are guaranteed to feel energised and inspired as they tap into Ireland’s unique culture of innovation.

Ireland has a  huge offering of various hotel accommodations to suit all budgets, restaurants and bars, venues and attractions along with chauffeur and coach companies that have many years experience in dealing with events.

Tips for planning an Event:

The first thing to consider when planning an event is the date. That’s an anchor that can’t change. You’ll also want to estimate the number of attendees. These will be two critical elements that will help inform the other aspects of your event planning. Let’s break down the other components to setting up an event. They are summarized below:

·        Event: First, you must have an event of some sort to plan, of course. That event is going to require a series of responsibilities, revolving around its operations, legal and accounting duties.

·        Budget: Estimate all your event costs and create a budget. Your available budget will influence many event management decisions such as your venue, the marketing and advertising methods, etc.

·        Venue: The event has to take place somewhere, and that involves  logistics management, food and beverages as well as the décor.

·        Marketing: Once you have selected a venue, you need to start drawing people to it through a marketing program that can include a website, social campaign, email and print work.

·        Advertising: Hand in glove with the marketing is advertising. That can include social media, radio, TV, newspaper and magazine advertisements.

·        Volunteers: A big event needs a big crew of people to get it off the ground and running smoothly. That means volunteers, which means writing contracts, defining their roles, setting up meetings and determining schedules.

·        Speakers: You must have some keynote speaker or a group of speakers to attract an audience. This will involve contracts, curators to select the talent, a program, bios and rehearsals.

·        Sponsors: All this costs money, and a big event’s budget is supplied by its sponsors. This will again involve contracts, marketing and logistics.

·        Production: The production is going to involve creating contracts as you work on creating an audio-visual recording of the proceedings, as well as a sound and video broadcast during the event.

·        Stage: The event takes place at a specific venue and on that venue is a stage on which the event proper will be presented. That usually will incorporate a projector, screen, microphones, internet connection, batteries, cables and more.

·        Attendees: Don’t forget about the people who are coming to the event! You’ll need communications to inform them of event information, payment processes to collect fees, emails to stay in touch, directions, badges and access points.

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How best to manage the transport for your event:

Transportation management is an essential part of any business’s event undertaking . Even more so, that it is considered a specialized area of expertise  It does not matter if you are an event organizer or planner because anyone ca be given the responsibility of arranging an event and arranging transport is naturally a big part of any event as well. From a wedding to a corporate event at your organization, transport is important because you have to make sure everyone is able to travel in a hassle free, safe and comfortable manner. There are several things that go into managing an event’s transportation. Smart managers and event planners recognize this and often outsource companies to take care of their event’s transportation. 

However, there are still organizers who often overlook this aspect of their event. Whether or not you are planning a small conference or a large-scale concert. Incorporating this component of event preparation is something that should be taken seriously.

When we talk about event logistics, transportation is essential. A successful event is often measured by how efficient it’s logistics function which is managing the movement of everything that is involved with the event’s operations such as the transportation of staff, guests, stages and structures, performers, and media.

At Optimum Chauffeur Drive, we have considerable knowledge and experience of providing and co-ordinating Chauffeur services and Logistics for Conferences, State Visits and events from 20 up to 5,000 delegates throughout Dublin and Ireland.  Our streamlined, efficient and accurate service ensures:

On-Site Coordinator – your dedicated event agent will be available on the ground to make sure your arrangements run smoothly and efficiently at all times.
VIP Meet & Greet – to welcome and chaperone delegates on arrival at Dublin Airport
Flexibility – bookings and schedules can be amended at any time. Additional vehicles and chauffeurs can be provided as required.
Contact – you will be provided with a full listing of Chauffeurs’ names and mobile numbers
Extensive Fleet of vehicles – from luxury sedans, executive cars and Limo’s to high-spec MPV’s, Coaches and Mini Coaches.
Multilingual Services – access to highly trained multilingual tour guides and translators ranging from Canton Chinese to Spanish and Italian.

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