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Mon, Jan 31st,
Tree and Natural Habitat Planting Scheme


We are investing in a sustainable future. 


In order to offset our carbon emissions, we are delighted to launch our Tree and Natural Habitat planting scheme and we would like to offer you or your company the opportunity to participate.


As a car service organisation, we are acutely aware of our responsibility to the environment, and we are passionate about making a sustainable future a reality.


Our corporate social responsibility policy focuses on the reduction of emissions from our vehicles but we all need to do more and so we are pleased to announce that we are actively reducing our carbon footprint by teaming up with our sustainability partner to plant trees and other natural habitat in local Dublin schools. In addition to reducing our carbon footprint this has the added benefit of providing better surroundings for the children attending these schools and gets them involved in the tree planting process.

Did you know a transfer from Dublin city centre to Dublin airport equates to 3kg of CO2? However, with a contribution of €3 per booking we can offset this for you by planting trees on your behalf. If you choose to make this voluntary contribution it will automatically be added to each of your invoices under the heading Carbon offset. The money will go directly into the scheme and trees planted on your behalf. At the end of every quarter we will provide you with a report detailing the total that you have contributed and how much carbon you have offset. 

Please let me know if this is something that you or your company would be interested in and we will set you up for the scheme.

We are looking forward to playing our part in delivering a more sustainable future. We will continue to work closely with our sustainability partners to administer the scheme and keep you updated on the work that is being done on your behalf.

If you have any queries regarding this do not hesitate to let me know.

Mary McGrath

Director @ Optimum Chauffeur Drive