Our Drivers

Experienced Chauffeur Hire
It's our drivers that make your experience with Optimum Chauffeur Drive so special. Play the videos below and you will get a little insight to our drivers lives and see why we are so proud to have them with us.

Patrick Fitzpatrick

Paddy is from Dublin and has been a chauffeur driver for over 19 years. He loves his job so much that he would happily do it for nothing...just don't tell Optimum that!

Tony O'Reilly

Tony from Navan in County Meath has been a chauffeur driver for 10 years. In Tony's own words, Optimum Chauffeur are the best company to work for, they are "A" class!

Denis O'Connor

Denis is from Rush in County Dubin and has been with Optimum for 8 years. He loves meeting people from all walks of life and his dream passengers would be Noam Chomsky and Warren Buffett...now that would make for an interesting journey!